CTI Hospitality presents a diverse range of capabilities that begin with a commitment to quality. This is only possible with a staff of experienced, thorough, reliable, efficient craftsmen designers and engineers who are dedicated to YOUR success as a measure of their own.

Your guests are what it is all about. CTI Hospitality is acutely aware of this fact and strives to make sure that their first impression of your establishment is representative of the kind quality stay that they can expect.

CTI Hospitality serves an impressive range. From one-of-a-kind installations in high-end destination hotels to thematic designs for multiple sites, we have the book, experience and capacity to get a variety of high profile jobs finished on-time, and within your budget.

With each job, our staff of dedicated craftspeople live by one simple edict: Make this one the best we’ve ever done. This direction and attention to detail is what has made CTI Hospitality one of the industry’s most reputable producers.